Business Intelligence and Forecasting

Data is the life blood of any service organization these days.

The important thing to remember is that the data you have now: sales records by customer or salesperson, inventory levels, weather information, fuel and maintenance records - virutally any activity records that come from operating your business can be examined and used to discover correlations, causes of problems, and even make forecasts!

We can show you how to predict sales, web site visits, and more using techniques like K-NN time-series algorithms and machine learning.

Hospitals, insurance companies, pollsters, and stock brokers - just to name a few - use these same techniques (and others) to classify and analyze data to make predictions.

For example, machine learning techniques such as K-Nearest Neighbor allow computers to look at slides of blood or tissue samples to determine if a patient has cancer with a very high degree of accuracy.

In one case, Todd's IT created a time series analysis to predict future monthly website visits for one client. The possibilities are endless - contact us for more information!

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