Business & Robotic Process Automation (BPA/RPA)

We hear about robots in factories, in warehouses, and other places of business. But what about in back office environments?

The newest buzzword is "RPA", also known as "Robotic Process Automation". Todd's IT can show you how to use RPA to automate time consuming, menial tasks using tools like open-source Selenium or HelpSystems "Automate" program to lift the load of report generation, data entry, data collection or formatting - just about anything a data entry clerk or office personnel do every day or week can now be done by a software "robot". Todd's IT can create RPA tasks for your company that will increase productivity and make your work force more efficient. Contact us so we can tell you how!

What are the benefits of RPA?

An amazing client of ours is one of the largest on-line retailers of power and agricultural equipment parts in the U.S. of A. With over 1.3 million parts, it can be difficult to manage all of those products. The real challenge is adding new models and the associated parts assemblies for them, since most manufacturers may only provide PDF documents with the parts images and tables.

Typically it takes three to four data entry clerks about a month to go through the PDFs, copy the assembly images, and reproduce the parts table for each part assembly. Todd's IT created an RPA platform called the "Parts Import Parser", or "PIP". PIP can do the work of three data entry clerks by doing what they did, using the Selenium open-source RPA platform - but instead of taking a month, PIP does it in just a few days time with the help of only one person now.

We can add hundreds of thousands of new parts in less than a week for our client, and that saves them a lot of money as well. We also have created RPA bots using Helpsystems Automate that place orders on manufacturers online ordering portals and move data from e-commerce stores to ERP systems; our softbots are also capable of running as applications on Windows computers with Microsoft .Net framework 4.0 or higher (server or computer). Our RPA bots bring speed and efficiency to new areas of business.

If your organization has data entry clerks re-keying data from paper or one system into another system, then you need to talk to us. We can fix that problem, and make your staff much more productive!

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