We're a Multi-Faceted Tech Solutions Company

We provide custom software solutions for any industry

Todd's I.T. has always served our clients best with customized software solutions for the web, desktop, and most recently, mobile devices.

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Over $2,700 worth of features
for only $799.88 per year
  • Mobile Responsive & completely customizable
  • No need to write your own website content - our sites come with HVAC content ready to go
  • Free Domain Name and domain name management
  • FREE Web and Graphics Design Support

...plus much more!

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Start using RPA to automate the back office!

Become RPA Aware
Robotic Process Automation

Has your organization looked into Robotic Process Automation? Does eliminating double keying of data, automation of reports, handling inputs from one system into another automatically, increased efficiency, and expanded revenue while leveraging your current technology investment sound good to you?

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Portals - Helping You Interact With Customers

Do you have customer or internal facing portals? Maybe it is time to think about investing in one.

How do your customers interact with you?

The folks at Todd's IT have been building portals for as long as the Internet has been around. We even like to think we coined the word "Extranet" back in 1999. We can build portals for a variety of different applications and needs. Some of the portals we have built help add revenue to our client's bottom lines, while others are for managing sales, client, and internal needs.

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Business Intelligence and Forecasting

Predicting sales, web site visits, and more with great accuracy

Did you know that your business can predict, with great accuracy, sales, web site visits, and more? We can show you how by using techniques like K-NN time-series algorithms and machine learning.

Hospitals, insurance companies, pollsters, and stock brokers, just to name a few, use these same techniques (and others) to classify and analyze data to make predictions. For example, machine learning techniques such as K-Nearest Neighbor allow computers to look at slides of blood or tissue samples to determine if a patient has cancer with a very high degree of accuracy.

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